Brent Harrison Joins the Group

Brent Harrison recently joined the Whitfield group as a graduate student. He is currently working on fermionic quantum simulation.

James Whitfield Named to QuSTEAM’s Advisory Board

The QuSTEAM (Convergent Undergraduate Education in Quantum Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) initiative is developing a transformative and convergent undergraduate curriculum to provide a national education model for the emerging field of quantum information science and engineering. QuSTEAM team members are experts in subjects cutting across traditional STEAM disciplines, pedagogical practices and workforce development, […]

Tenure Promotion Acknowledgements

Effective today, July 1, I am an Associate Professor of Physics with tenure. When I applied for tenure on Dec 1, my father asked me how I felt after submitting. I told him that there was one word I could think of: “grateful.” Now that feeling has only multiplied. Unlike a PhD thesis, there was […]